Hiccups you are likely to experience when optimizing your site

The race to the top of Google rankings is a tough one. It will have to do with perseverance if at all you very much want to get there. As it is a case with every other activity, the plan is the key. Having some strategies to deal with whatever may come your way is what you need. Otherwise, ask all the other top ranked site owners. It took time and effort to get there. Most importantly, remaining at the top matters rather than getting there and going back. Working with a nice professional SEO expert will enlighten you on some of these expected challenges. He/she will also propose some effective methods to fix them. Let’s look at some common issues likely to be experienced when optimizing websites.

  • Missing out on the basic

SEMThe field of SEO is filled with so many strategies that work to increase traffic and conversion rates. While some of them are recent and advanced, most of them are basic tips. You probably have heard or used them before. The problem with some of us is that we want the new stuff and treat the old as outdated. Well, not every old tip is out of fashion. Some things persist. In fact, others gain value with age. If your site is not optimized for the best keywords, titles, overall design, quality content and the like, be sure you won’t get to the top. SEO starts with the basics. Work on them first before you get to other advanced tactics.

  • Similar pages

In your site content, there may be some repeated pages, phrases or paragraphs. Having such is allowable with all search engines. What is illegal is copying content from other copyright sites and placing them on yours without permit. Having duplicate pages may be a problem when it comes to Google crawling and filtering. Google must go with one page from your site. The page picked may not be the one you desired and your rankings will go down. Best search engine marketing is about getting rid of such contradictory content.

  • ‘Small’ content

Having a small content on your site may be a vice on your site. It shows how much you are short of ideas. Again, you don’t have much to offer. Instead of providing a thin content on your site, look for quality posts that people want to read and optimize them. Content marketing should be part of your SEO campaign always.

  • Excessive links and ads

Sometimes, it’s just about the outlook and the cleanliness of your site. You log in to some sites and you are comfortable to read what is intended of you. On other pages, too much ads draw your attention elsewhere. To fix this, only go for a few quality links and no-ads. The user experience will be improved.