Why go for Search Engine Optimization rank tracker

Whenever you go looking for SEO amazon rank tracker, you need to ensure you lay your hands on the most complete of them all. As a marketing specialist, your goal will be market your SEO company and in doing that, you need the right tools by your side. You need to be able to monitor results of all your efforts in your attempt to rank better on Google. With a good tool, this will be an easy task for you.

With the current technological advancements, the least you can do is have a software which supports you in your attempt to compete among your peers. To be able to make your work easier, you need to get a tool which gets the job done for you.

Tracking from different search engines

If you go for a good amazon tracker, it will help you to track your rankings from different locations as well as different search engines. It is a tool which gives the user the capacity to check their positions for several search engines in one result for every campaign. This means that you will not need to interfere with your settings should you want to follow your rankings at any time. With the many of these trackers entering the market, you need to be careful whenever you go seeking for a good software.

Observe rankings change between different dates

With this tool, one can be able to check ranking performance between two different dates. This means that you can accurately study how you have been performing two consecutive days. It also comes with a colorful chart of these rankings overview. This amazon tracker also gives you a list of top performing keywords and also website stats such as PageRank and Alexa. Use keyword inspector and with this software, you are also able to check speed of the sites from both your mobile and desktop.

Helps you spy on your competitors

Being in a competitive world, it is important for you to learn how your competitors are performing. With this research tool, you can acquire a comparison report between your competitors. This includes performance of their keywords including historical data for a particular keyword. With this tool, you can accurately track the performance of your competitors on different search engines both in desktop and mobile. With amazon tracker, you can avoid mistakes made by your competitors and outdo them.

Friendly user interface

This software comes with a very friendly user interface. It has a responsive design and also allows you to navigate your tools with ease. It comes with colors which are pleasing to the eyes and it also up to the task. Overall, the amazon tracker is a great asin search tool that everyone should try in order to monitor their sites performance with more precision than before.